Code-name “Variable”



Variable is a 2-man sniper team attached to the CQB  element. The team consists of two operatives: Petty Officer Graves (left) of the Navy SEALS & Staff Sergeant Compton (right) from Force Recon Marines. The team deploys in three ways: as  part of the CQB assault team, in a support by fire role to the CQB assault team, or as a stand alone direct action team.


As with all commando units, Variable often operates in small units deep behind enemy lines. As such, they must remain unseen & unheard for as long as possible. For this reason, each operative typically carries at least one suppressed weapon apiece on every mission. Graves prefers the MP-5N sub-machine gun with flash suppressor. 


Compton normally operates as the pointman & prefers to use his standard sidearm, the H&K USP in .45 ACP with a suppressor as his silent option.


While sub-machine guns & pistols may work well enough inside buildings or aboard ships, when maneuvering over open ground, the operatives frequently use more conventional weapons like the M-4 carbine or some other M-16 variant. Compton usually carries the M-203 40 mm grenade launcher beneath his primary combat rifle.


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