“Our flag was still there.”

If you believe the content on YOJOE.COM, the last 1/6 scale (12 in) GI Joe action figures hit American retail in 2009. Sadly, competing lines of war themed action figures provided by the likes of 21 Century Toys, BBI, & World Peace Keepers had bowed out of the scene years earlier. It would appear that an era had come to an end. But I’m here to tell you that GI Joe lives—if only in the basements & backyards of adult collectors like me who are unafraid to “embrace their inner geek.”GI Joe lives–he has simply gone underground to fight a secret war too unspeakable to have a place in mainstream reality. 

But for those of us willing to believe; for those of us unafraid of the truth no matter how dark—

The battle rages on . . . 

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